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Our full record search results for the data subject contain when identified any identified contact data, address data and for the very first time in the UK any known family tree including any statutory birth data.

Our historical researchers have worked tirelessly to link data subjects via UK statutory records mother’s maiden names and other statutory records for example marriage records to enable when available a truly unique insight into UK historical research data. Our records linked together date from 1901 to modern day. We do not claim to have linked the entire UK population, but we are proud to report that have successfully linked as of 5th October 2023 the totals below and on average we link Forty-Five thousand records each week:

*Records available as at 5th October 2023





Mobile Numbers




Landline Numbers


Same Person

i.e. linked to multiple addresses

Blood/Close Relatives


Total Records

Costs of our service

Cost of making a search of making a search is simple and secure. The currency we use is a search credit. How you obtain credits is a decision for you to make. The options to purchase search credits:

Cost Premium Line Access – No registration needed

£3.60 per min Calls charged at £3.60 per minute plus your phone providers access charge.
Minimum charge is £3.60
Premium Line Access Here

Upon connection you will immediately be provided with a search credit. A further search credit will be applied for every 60 seconds you are connected via a premium telephone number call to a maximum of eight credits i.e. minutes connection. Any unused credits for a user can be used outside of the eight minutes connection if you do not close the browser i.e. the session. If you register your mobile number during the register process, we can then link the unused search credits to the registered mobile number for later use.

Pre-paid Access – Registration required

1 Credit = £3.00 (17% discount) Payment is via Bank Transfer Only.
A Pro-Forma Invoice will be sent when you place an order.
Prepaid Access Register Here

All we need to process a pre-paid account is a username for the pro forma invoice, email address to send the pro forma invoice and an optional UK mobile number.

Its that simple and you can purchase 100 search credits at a time with no expiry date.

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