Register & Purchase Search Credits

To use the search facilities provided on this site you will need search credits.

The following list describes the different ways you can obtain search credits...

  1. Register for an account
  2. Sign In
  3. Request an invoice for the search credits you want to purchase
  4. Pay the invoice by bank transfer (BACS)
  5. On receipt of payment your search credits will be added to your account

Premium Line Access to Search

For instant access you can purchase search credits via a premium line phone number...

  1. Go to the Premium Access Page
  2. Enter the phone number of the phone you will make the premium call from
  3. The premium line number will then be displayed
  4. Dial the number from the phone number you entered
  5. When the call is answered you will receive 1 search credit
  6. The total search credits you have will be shown which will include any unused from a previous call
  7. As soon as you have a credit you may navigate to the search pages and make a search.
  8. For each 60 seconds that the premium call continues an additional credit will be added
  9. All credits are stored against your phone number for immediate or later use
  10. Once you end the call you will stop receiving search credits
  11. As long as you keep the site open you can continue to use any remaining search credits you have
  12. To use any stored credits you will have to call the premium line number to authenticate.
  13. You will receive 1 search credit when the call is answered which is added to any stored credit you have.
  14. If enough credits are displayed for your requirement you may end the call and continue searching

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