How do you obtain Pre-paid access?


Go to the register link on top of the page located next to search access.


Supply a username this can be a company name, or nickname, the user name is used only to address you on the VAT invoice we provide upon the prepaid sale being completed.

Please provide an email address for the sole purpose of sending the proforma invoice to you.

Please ensure you whitelist our emails upon receipt to avoid the email going into spam or not being delivered at all by your email hosting company. This is especially important with free email accounts like Hotmail, yahoo etc.


You choose the amount of credit you purchase at a heavily discounted rate over the cost of the option of premium telephone access.


Follow the instruction on the pro forma invoice to make the payment by bank transfer. Click here for an example


Once the search credits are applied normally within one hour during office hours of our finance team being notified of the payment being cleared by our bank. For those wanting almost instant access please use faster payments method rather than BACS.


We will email a VAT receipt for your confirmed purchase to you using the supplied email address at the same time your search credits have been applied.


The advantage of using the prepaid search option is you can search and receive instant search results on and even have the principal information SMS text to you for your records.


The prepaid search credits are discounted by a minimum of 15 % compared to the premium rate access option.

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